We gladly invite you to visit the lodge "Grandyj Uzviz", which is located in a place that is unique for its beautiful and colourful sights, a health resort Carpathian village Tatariv, next to the mountain river Prut encircled by mountains. The Lodge "Gradnyj Uzviz" is located at 720 metres above sea level with a territory of 0.55 hectars. Also, because of the Lodge's placement, it is shielded from cold winds. At your service there are 9 cosey rooms of class luxe/half-luxe, made in European style. from whom the artistic sceneries of the Carpathian Mountains open up.

Tatariv - widely known in the Ukraine and beyond its borders, climatical, balneological and low mountain health resort with a unique healing microclimate and a brilliant ecologically clean forest areas. The surrounding mountains are covered in pine and beech forests, that help to sucessfully heal a breathing and circulatory and heart problems. The mountain air of the Tatariv's gorges differentiates with its crystal cleanliness, and the surroundings are characterised with an extremely healing microclimate, that working with the characteristics if the crystal clean mountain spring water positively regulates the work of the immune system of the musculoskeletal system.

Qualificated personnel of the lodge "Grandyj Uzviz", that is under the Ukrainian/British management will create a warm, hearty atmosphere for an unforgivable holiday, relaxation and recovery.

Looking forward to meet you!